Save Water And Money: 5 Tips For Irrigation

With many years of scorching temperatures and drought in the Southwest United States plus possible climate change consequences just around the corner, it’s important that everyone learn how to save water every chance they can. Not only will they end up saving money in the long run but their plants will grow faster and better with proper irrigation immediately. Here are five great tips to help you irrigate with the least amount of water possible.

Lay Out Your Landscape to Take Advantage Of Rainfall

When you design your flower or vegetable gardens, there are special ways that you can capture and hold what little water falls from the heavens. The most common name for that is a catch basin, but it is a lowered spot or spots, in the garden that is specially made to stop the flow of rainwater out of your yard and into the street. Instead, the water is held in several low areas where it can soak in over the next several hours and keep the soil moist in the garden for a few days. A good way to decorate your catch basins is with large multi-colored river rocks, so they look natural. The tips for irrigationriver rocks will also keep the direct sunlight from drying out the saved water before it has a chance to soak into the soil.

Another important water saving tip is always to have your gutters and downspouts drain into a large 55-gallon barrel instead of running off. This is a great way to fill your hand held watering containers. Plus, you can also install a small spigot at the bottom of your barrel and connect a garden hose, so you’ll have more versatility in the use of the water. When there is a shortage of rain, there is usually water rationing at the water bureau at the same time, and every little bit that you can save will help your plants and the planet at the same time.

If You Do Decide To Water Your Lawn, Flowers, Or Vegetables A Night Is Best

When the sun is beating down from above nearly half of the water that you put in your yard and gardens is going to evaporate almost immediately as soon as it’s irrigated out of your house. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to irrigate at night which will allow for the water to soak in and provide refreshing water all day the next day. If you don’t like getting up and taking care of your watering in the middle of the night, there are automatic timers available which can be programmed to take care of everything on complete autopilot. You should also do a test to see exactly how many minutes are required to give your plants the right amount of water without wasting. Over watering is bad for many plants anyway, and the extra wasted water costs money as well.

There Are Drip Irrigation Systems That Are The Absolute Best For Saving Water

While they do take a lot of time to set up, the most stingy way to water your favorite plants is with a drip irrigation system. They are tiny little holes that each have a small drip nozzle that provides the right amount of water right to each plant. Since they are laid underground, almost none of the water is exposed to the heat of the sun meaning very little evaporation can take place.

These drip systems are very customisable, can be made automatic, and will save not only money but your plants during a severe drought. In addition to that, since the entire irrigation system is all under the soil, your neighbors won’t know that you’re using water at all.

Saving water and money in today’s world is the right thing to do. With these great tips, you’ll have green plants, bountiful vegetables, and never waste a drop of what little precious water that you have available.

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